State of the Art Internet Failover Solutions
State-of-the-Art Internet Failover Solutions
No-Wire Access prides itself on providing high quality Cellular based Internet Backup Solutions for your Retail / Small Business which keeps your business up & running in the event of a Primary Internet outage.
Easy to Implement Failover Internet Solution
Easy to Implement & Cost Effective
Our solutions are designed to be as simple as possible to integrate into your existing Network Infrastructure along with a low Cap Ex for your organization.
IOT Ready Solutions
I.O.T. Ready Solutions
No-Wire Access solutions are ideal for IOT implementations when it’s critical for your IOT devices to have a constant & reliable connection Our solutions can be used as a Primary Internet Connection.

Complete IOT Solutions

Smart Wireless Internet Solutions That Work

In this era of the IOT (Internet Of Things), it is crucial that your M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network have a constant and reliable high speed Internet connection. No-Wire-Access offers cellular backup Internet failover services and primary Internet connection solutions for your home or business.

M2M examples include case scenarios such as a POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems, automated data metric collection devices that relay monitored information from oil rigs, wind farms, solar power farms, ‘dark un-manned’ facilities, etc. Don’t rely only on a wired Internet connection again for your business.

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Typical M2M (Machine-to-Machine)

Internet Backup Failover Example

A No-Wire Access 4G LTE wireless broadband Internet connection is ideally suited to augment your primary Internet connection. In the event that your wired Internet connection goes down, your Internet service will automatically failover to No-Wire Access Internet.

Failover Internet Scenario

Typical 4G LTE Internet Failover Service backup scenario

No-Wire Access Internet Solutions For Businesses

Don’t Rely Only on a Wired Internet Connection Again

If you have an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network that relies on a wired based Internet connection, then you need to have a redundant Internet connection that is wireless based.

No-Wire Access has the best backup Internet solution for you. Built on reliable wireless Nationwide LTE carriers, we offer coverage that will assure your Internet Connection is never down. This means that your home or business and its network will never be at a loss due to a wired Internet connection outage.

A Redundant Internet Connection

Is Critical For Your Business

Maintaining your M2M network’s data flow is mission critical. Wired Internet connections can be sketchy at times and can pose a reliability issue to your IT Department, which in simple terms can become a huge burden to your business. No-Wire Access provides a simple and economical solution to this issue that just makes sense.

Applications such as Credit Card Processing, Point-of-Sale Systems, Data Collection Telemetry, Alternate Energy Tracking, Water Systems Monitoring, Fleet Vehicle Management and many more M2M networks which are part of the the Internet-of-Things (IOT), never need to rely solely on a wired Internet connection again!

No-Wire Access Can Also Be Utilized As A Primary LTE Internet Service

In certain business use cases, there may be situations where a wired connection is simply not available. If there is wireless coverage available in your area, then No-Wire Access is your solution.

No-Wire Access - Smart Wireless Internet Solutions That Work.

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Alternative Internet Connection Solutions Available

For an alternative Failover Internet connection solution to our cellular based one, check out our sister company, Dialup 4 Less.

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