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No-Wire Access’ Mission

No-Wire Access was founded with the intent of offering 4G LTE wireless Internet connectivity to M2M (Machine-to-Machine) networks. The simplicity of our implementation and competitive pricing will allow us to become a leader in the failover cellular marketplace. We will provide a secondary Internet solution to augment a company’s primary connection. In other words, “No More Downtime”

Built on the backbone of nationwide tier 1 cellular providers, No-Wire Access can also be suitable as a M2M primary Internet connection in cases where there are no other affordable solutions available.

Peplink Routers

Award Winning Hardware by Peplink
We offer Peplink 4G LTE and 5G routers for a wide range of Internet solutions.


Award Winning Hardware by MultiTech
We offer MultiTech 4G LTE wireless modems and routers for a wide range of solutions.


Reliable 4G LTE Coverage by AT&T
Partnering with AT&T to provide you with outstanding 4G LTE coverage Nationwide.


4 Less Communications, Inc. a diversified industry leader has been providing the web marketplace with reliable, secure, affordable, Internet related solutions for over 15 years, through their related companies of Hosting 4 Less, Certs 4 Less, and Dialup 4 Less. We are very proud to announce our newest addition catering to the M2M evolving market, No-Wire Access.

Fact is, No-Wire Access already has experience in connecting M2M networks to the Internet via our sister company, Dialup 4 Less which has been providing Internet connectivity for over a decade. Businesses, Government Municipalities, POS (Point-of-Sale) Manufacturers, Medical Monitoring Applications and a myriad of other types of applications have looked to us for solutions and our ability to see the “big Picture

Leveraging off that experience, No-Wire Access will join the new generation of M2M Internet providers, by offering broadband wireless connectivity that is reliable, economical and easy to implement. Anchored by our knowledgeable staff, and excellent partnerships that we have developed, we will provide you and your IT staff with a quality broadband wireless Internet solution.


Reliable 4G LTE Coverage by Verizon
Partnering with Verizon Communications to bring you extensive 4G LTE wireless coverage.


Partnering With The Largest Provider in Canada
Partnering with Rogers Communications to bring you 4G LTE wireless coverage in Canada.


T-Mobile Extensive LTE Coverage
No-Wire Access teams up with T-Mobile to bring you additional 4G LTE coverage.

No-Wire Access Offers a Variety of Solutions to Keep Your M2M Network Connected

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