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No-Wire Access

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What We Do Wireless Devices Wireless Data Plans Wireless Coverage FAQs Company Contact Us

4G LTE Wireless Backup Internet Data Plans

Wireless 4G LTE Data Plans That Work for You

We realize that everyone’s Iot (Internet-of-Things) application and requirements are going to be different. And as such, No-Wire Access has a simple starter data plan that is extremely price competitive. This starter data plan is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon networks and Rogers In Canada.

  • 24/7 United States Based Customer Support
  • Nationwide Coverage In United States & Canada
  • Includes SIM card
  • Basic Device Support Included
  • Shared Data / Data Pooling Available
  • Static IP Addresses Available
  • Pay As You Go or Term Contracts Available
  • Bring Your Own Device Supported
  • Volume Discounts Available

Starter Plan

SIM Card for 4G LTE Modem

Monthly Data Rate Includes Up To


Important to note, is that this starter plan is fully scalable to larger data requirements per month. If you know you’ll need a data plan that is larger, please fill out our contact & inquiry form below or give us a call so that we can help you come up with a data plan that is right for you.

Common M2M Applications with Typical Monthly Data Rate Usage


  • Point-Of-Sale:
    Credit Card Processing
  • Metering / monitoring:Metering/monitoring: electricity / gas / waterelectricity/gas/water, agriculture
  • Mobile health: remote patient monitoring/remote diagnostics
  • Security Monitoring: alarm management, home security, vehicle security



  • Retail vending/ticketing:Retail vending / ticketing:
    vending machine management and inventory control and public transport ticketing
  • Connected consumer devices: eReader devices, network gaming, digital picture frames

100MB to 1GB


  • Digital signage:
    information and advertising signs for retail, leisure, hotel and Information kiosks
  • Video surveillance: live video streaming from security cameras

1GB - 5GB


Interested in Data Plan Pricing or Need Help with Determining a Data Plan That’s Right for You? Give Us a Call at: 888-818-4118 or Fill Out the Form Below. We’ll be Glad to Help.


Are You Located or Do You Have an M2M Network in Canada? Hey We’re Multi-National, We’ve got You Covered…

4G LTE Internet Data Plans Available in Canada on Rogers Wireless Network

Partnering with Rogers Communications which is one of Canada’s largest, as well as highly regarded wireless services providers, allows us to offer reliable 4G LTE GSM network coverage. Whether you’re looking for a Canadian based failover backup Internet or even a primary Internet connection solution, No-Wire Access delivers. Just give us a chance to show you how competitive our data plan pricing can be, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised.

Volume Discounts Available
4G LTE Volume Discounts Available

No-Wire Access welcomes requirements that have multiple devices in the field or multiple locations that require cellular based connection to the Internet. We can offer large LTE data plan discounts for these cases.

No-Wire Access Volume LTE Data Plans are Ideal for…

  • Multi-Location Kiosks
  • Chain Retail Stores and Restaurants
  • Companies that Manage Vending Machines
  • Fleet & Asset Management
  • Remote Energy Systems Process Monitoring
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Backup Internet Solutions for Multiple Locations

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